Grade 8 Assessment: Anti-Slavery Propaganda Speech

AOI: How can I contribute to the community, How can I help others?


Produce an Anti-Slavery Propaganda speech designed to persuade people to stop the trans-Atlantic slave trade in the 1700’s. The speech should include details & persuasive language that will convince people that the trade is wrong. Everything should be based on facts, but as this is propaganda you can exaggerate.

The speech can be hand written or typed. You should rehearse the speech so that you know most of it by heart, but you can have the speech in front of you to remind you. The speech should be around 2 minutes long.


You will be assessed on:

Criteria A: Knowledge and Understanding, the detail and accuracy of your information.

Criteria D: Presentation and Organisation, the effectiveness of the speech, use of persuasive language, looking at the audience.

Look at the Rubrics provided for further information on what exactly you will be assessed on.

How to write a good speech

Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech is a good example of a persuasive speech: