Monica's Homework
Kunta Kinte, brought away by the sailors of Captain Davies ship to become a slave, decides to go and try to convince the captain to bring all of the Africans back to their homes…

“Captain Davies, do you have a moment to talk to a slave who has asked for you?” asks a sailor of the ship.
“Yes, bring him in and leave us alone!” answers Captain Davies, sitting in a chair inside his small cabin.
Kunta Kinte enters the small, cosy cabin and looks immediately strait into the eyes of Captain Davies.
“I am Kunta Kinte, a man like you”, he says determinedly and with a powerful voice.
“What do you want, slave…?”, “…I mean: Kunta Kinte” asks Davies in a cross way.
“I am sorry to disturb you Captain, but I have noticed your anger towards your sailors who brought us onto this ship.”, Kunta Kinte looks at his own feet, all dirty and full of cuts.
“Are you saying I am against what I am doing!” yells Captain Davies, leaving his chair to stand and face the slave.
“Sir, I could see it since the beginning of this trip; stop hiding your feelings, you know that this is all wrong, you know it perfectly: we are all people, like you. Why should we be treated like objects?” Kunta Kinte backs away from the table in the cabin.
“Yes, why should you Africans be treated this way? slaves…it is wrong, it is all wrong!”, Captain Davies whispers to himself. “I am a captain, and it is the first time I drive a ship full of slaves, but even though I am a captain, I must follow the rules of the king.” states Davies.
“Save us, please. Look at me, I am full of cuts, and I smell terribly, there are people that are in worse conditions than me and some who have already died. Save us, bring us back to our home, we have been snatched and brought away from our land to serve the white people. We were once free men, free to do what we thought was right, and free to be.”
“I have orders to follow, and you will anyway like it there, in America.” Says Captain Davies with difficulty, understanding what it means to be taken away from ones home.
“Captain Davies, bring us back, we have never gone away from our home and land.” Replies Kunta Kinte.
“Than now you will! You will have a chance to broaden your horizon.” shouts Captain Davies. “I have work to do, and rules to follow. If you need to complain, go to the king, I am only following my instructions” says sadly Captain Davies.
“Can’t you think for yourself? Can’t you choose what to do, without having to say: ‘these are the rules. I must follow them’?” asks Kunta Kinte.
“I can’t! I can’t do this!”
“Than you can be considered a slave too. The slave of the king” declares Kunta Kinte, who leaves the room to go back to the slave quarters.