What is Slavery?

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Definition of Slavery

Slavery is a terrible fact that repeated itself a lot of times, but I hope that studying we understand how much it was wrong to utilize people for hard jobs, getting away from them their rights, their humanity and their freedom. The Slave traders turned the slaves into beasts with no feelings, I think the last episode was in the second world war when the Nazis exploited the Hebrews in the industrial companies such as ‘Siemens’. there are examples of slavery today in Brazil. Some people are so desperate in wanting a job, that they accept to become slaves.

Slavery means when people treat badly a person and let become this person an object to sell.slaves do not have so many rights . in the American slavery the only two people who protested against slavery were:Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Over half a million Africans were brought from Africa to be enslaved or to be even traded in Europe!! The population in the united States grew up to four million slaves. there were so many slaves that they founded the population of Native Americans.

Examples of slavery throughout History

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Germany 1942 A.D. -1945 A.D.

The Nazi's subjected many groups to slavery during WW2. They put people in concentration camps, where they were forced to work in factories etc. Many slaves were worked to death. Nazis captured the Jewish people and made them slaves.They used Hebrew to do hard works,then they killed them and after they would have burned them to leave no traces.
In the WW2 many people in Germany thought that Hebrew were inferior so they made them work in concentration camps 14 hours a day.Hitler decided to make the Jewish people slaves and to kill them because he wanted to expand the Arian race.

Brazil 1623 A.D. - 1888 A.D

A slave did not last for more than seven years. They were forced to work in mines and sugar plantations. There were 4 million slaves in Brazil.

images.jpgBrazilian slaves were not happy of the way they were treated. During that period all the slaves tried to defend themselves from the oppression:
A lot of times they preferred to suicide as submitting to humiliating works.
Sometimes they even tried to escape or suicide: The suicide could be individual or collective: the collective suicide was not rare.external image rugendasnavio.jpg
To escape was more difficult because the slaves were supervised day and night. The slaves had different jobs: some worked in sugar plantations, gold mines or in the coffee plantations. In Africa, 40% of the captured blacks died during the displacement up to the coast, and other 10% or 20% where they were housed, in the port, before embarks. The slaves' “traffickers” set up a net of agents called pumbeiros.
They brought slaves at these big markets called pumbos (market where they changed slaves for products).–

BIBLIOGRAPHY : **http://library.thinkquest.org/C008212F/resistence1.htm**

Zanzibar 1200 A.D. 1890 A.D.

history2.jpgZanzibar is an island situated in the east coast of Africa. Zanzibar was the centre for the eastern slave trade that had begun under Omani rule in 17th Century. The slaves were captured and brought inland, in the heart of Zanzibar. After killing the slaves of work, Zanzibar sold the slaves to the Arabs or to the Indians only if they were ready for working, otherwise they killed them. Slavery happened because goods had to be carried out from the interior of Zanzibar : ivory, with which the Nyamwesi would barter for knives, cloth, cotton and foodstuffs. The slaves were mostly women and little boys, until the 19th century were all the sexes were involved.The more requested resources were the slaves and ivory especially from China and Arabia. The worst bit had to still start, by 1750 over 3000 slaves were passing through the markets of Zanzibar. The requested grew even more so the Arabs looked for slaves by themselves, after according themselves with Zanzibar many stations were built to trade more quickly the slaves, the trade will start growing until 1873 when the slave market was closed because the slave-trading was outlawed. The sultan Hamad bin Thuwaini banned slavery and freed the slaves in Zanzibar paying them, because of their miserable life due to the slave trade in 1897.

United States of America 1700 A.D

During the 17th century, the exportation of Natives was common. Many of these Native slaves were exported to other colonies, especially the sugar islands of the Caribbean. The number of Natives in the South sold in the British slave trade from 1670-1715 where between 24,000 and 51,000. During this period more Native slaves were exported from Charles Town than African slaves were imported. Most of the Native slaves were sent to the West Indies, but many were exported north to Virginia, New York, and New England. Charles Town dominated the slave trade in the colonial era of the United States.

Ancient Egypt

Most of the people in Ancient Egypt were slaves. Many of the slaves were children sold by very poor slaves. Around 1200-1400 B.C. Egypt had conquered Israel, so many of the slaves were Jews taken from there. Slaves were also treated as merchandise, and were brought from Asia and then sold. Many were also war prisoners taken from Egyptian conquers.

Ancient Rome

In the ancient rome the slavers were very expensive and were used to do the worst jobs like clean the floor, wash the owners. The guardians were allowed to kill the slaves but since they were very expensive they didn't kill them. The slaves were like object that you could buy in the place centre. All the slaves were all black, and were treated as inferior people, not able to word or do important jobs, nor have important rules in the city.Slaves were the 40% of the population that lived in ancient Rome. The slavers had didn't have mnay rights, like the one to vote or to learn how to read or to wright (if their owners wanted they could, but there were only a few). Most of the slaves were very poor and gained little money, others, the most fortunate gained a lot because their owner gave them money for their work.

The Transatlantic Slave Trade

The video below is a useful summary of the transatlantic slave trade and its aftermath:

The Trade Triangle

external image triangle.jpgThe first voyage of trade triangle starts from Europe to west Africa. In Africa, European Slave traders buy slaves. They travels the Atlantic Ocean to go to America. This second part of triangle is called Middle Passage. When the Africans arrived America through the hard voyage, the survivors are sold as plantation. Europeans trade the slave with manufactured materials. Like Cottons, Tobacco and stuff that you can't find in Europe. After trading slaves with those materials, Europeans go back to Europe to sell the materials they brought from America.

The Middle Passage

Slave Auctions

Plantation life/treatment of slaves

This video was made by a group of students, it includes lots of originally testimony from people who were slaves in North Carolina, USA.


During the 17th century slaves where treated very badly. Children, women and men were forced to work on the Christian land and to become slaves. Many of slaves died from disease. Slaves were whipped, tortured and for women they were forced to follow men. Children worked for noble families.
external image Slaves%20in%20chains.jpg this is a picture of slaves leaving their own land and going to the Christian place.

Slaves, if they did not obey the Christians men had to be whipped but not women, women could not be punished in the way that men do. Thumb screws were sometimes used as a punishment.

Reasons for Slavery

These are some of the reasons of why white people thought that it was right to have black slaves
1. They were saving them from being eaten by their own kind.
2. They had no language.
3. They were bringing them to Christian land.
4.They were strong physically but were stupid.